~ Woodland Primitives ~

~ Woodland Primitives ~
~ Woodland Primitives ~

Welcome in the New Year!

Here's to another year of wonderful creations!

~Pere Noel de l'hiver...translated Santa of the Winter~

In keeping with my goal of Santa's all year long, I've created the first of many.

Pere Noel de l'hiver...Santa of the winter.
This Santa is 15.5" tall. The base is 7" by 5.5" and moss covered.
Santa is wearing a faux sheep's wool jacket, flannel shirt, wool pants,
painted black boots, a tan stocking cap and plaid scarf. 

He holds a cream bottle brush tree and has a satchel on his right shoulder. 

He has a hand needle sculpted and colored face.  
His beard is of Romney wool.

His companion is a doe that follows him everywhere. The doe is made of stained muslin 
that is 5.5" tall and 8.5" wide. The pattern is by Raven's Haven. 

Here is a side view of Santa to see his boots and his long stocking cap. 
The Santa inspiration is from Dru Ann with my primitive touches. 

Pere Noel de l'hiver...is spoken for


Antique Gray Granite Milk Can

I'm parting with another treasure...
My kitchen collecting is now focused on copper.
So, this piece needs a new home.
It is 8" to the top of the can, 9.5" to the top of handle of the tin lid.
The milk can is 5" in diameter. There are minor chips and rust spots
on this piece considering its age and original daily use.
There is one small hole in the lower back side also. 

Antique gray granite milk can...$22
plus travel fare to you.

Please email me to add to your home.