~ Woodland Primitives ~

~ Woodland Primitives ~
~ Woodland Primitives ~

Happy Fall y'all!



Phoebe's daughter is a mini version of a doll I created in 2018. 

I'm drawn to work small now as many of you know that have followed me for some time. 

Each doll is 10" tall secured to a wooden disc. She has been painted and cruddied.

Her facial features are beads, wool felt and french knots.

She is wearing a cruddied muslin dress with a frayed green apron.

In her hand is a wee acorn from one of my trees.

All spoken for...

Phoebe's daughter #1

Phoebe's daughter #1...is spoken for

Phoebe's daughter #2...is spoken for

Phoebe's daughter #3...is spoken for



Digging through my pile of feed sacks I came up with 2 that are Fall-ish.

I used one to create this large pumpkin that is 10" wide and 10" tall to the

top of the real dried pumpkin stem. It is filled with wool scraps so

the pumpkin is quite heavy...I will ship it in a flat rate box.

There is a right and left photo showing the same print "Hoosier Crost" 

with an ear of corn on both sides.

Large feed sack pumpkin...$40 plus travel fare.

Please email me to purchase.

The second one was used to create a set of 3 pumpkins that are 

5" wide and 6" tall with stick stems.

Set of 3 feed sack pumpkins...spoken for


Happy Fall...see ya' next month!