~ Woodland Primitives ~

~ Woodland Primitives ~
~ Woodland Primitives ~

~February offerings~


 ~this is Freda and her egg...she has been created from
my newest pattern...she is made of osnaburg that has
been stained...she is wearing a homespun dress and 
a wool jacket...she doesn't go anywhere without
her big antique quilt egg~

~Freda it 11" standing..her bottom is weighted so she 
will stand for you too~

~Freda and her egg may be adopted for $48 plus her travel fare~

~please email me to adopt Freda~


~meet Fred and his carrot...he has been created from
my newest pattern...he is made of osnaburg that has
been stained...he is wearing a calico shirt,
wool vest and homespun pants...
he brings with him his very own carrot...
BUT, check out his funky feet...they make me smile~

~Fred it 9" sitting...his bottom is weighted so he 
will sit for you too~

~Fred and his carrot may be adopted for $48 plus his travel fare~

~please email me to adopt Fred~


~yummy over dyed gold cotton velvet was used to create these 
wonderful pears...they stand roughly 5 1/2" with the stem...
they are filled with cotton batting to give them some weight...
each one has a stick stem and a wool leaf~

~don't they look great on my table...
guess I need to make a few for myself...

~primitive cotton velvet pears...$12 each or 3 for $35 plus travel fare~

~please email me to purchase~


I enjoy decorating at the holidays and stockings have
always been a favorite of mine...
I'm creating a line of everyday stockings
to use throughout the year...
they can be hung on a door, have flowers tucked
in the top or even use them as the gift bag for
that special person...

Each one is 9 1/2" long and 6" wide...
they have been made of dyed osnaburg and are
fully lined...there is a coordinating hanger loop for hanging...

Each stocking is different and have combinations of wool felt,
wool, decorative stitches or calico appliques...

~rabbit stocking~

~cute wool rabbit with a 3 dimensional tail...
holding his posy...spoken for~


~spring stocking~

 ~applique SPRING with antique button


~violet patch with dimensional flowers and embroidery...
$35 plus travel fare~

~please email me to purchase~